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A snapshot of some of the Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing and Ecommerce projects I have worked on in the last 5 years and the results.

Enterprise Digital Transformation  


Life Insurance company

Digital transformation project started with customer research and customer journey mapping which led to the redevelopment of the brands website with personaliation and AI/Machine Learning based on personas. 

Website was replatformed with new product redevelopment and extensive UX with a strong content and social strategy to enhance financial literacy and brand engagement.


Site won Best UX in Life Insurance award


Successful site migration to SiteCore 8, project delivery using Agile, a first for the organisation

Traffic increased by 80% increasing mobile engagement by 200%, community growth increased Facebook x10 - Twitter x6 - LinkedIn x2

Marketing Automation facilitation leading to smarter messaging and efficiency on advertising spend.

Enterprise Self Service Transformation


Life Insurance Company

Digital transformation project developed from insights from the call centre regarding customers request for self service capability. 

Online portal created with single view of customer across multiple brands with single sign on capability.


30% operational cost reduction from the call centre

Adoption rate or portal increase 70% MoM


Increase in NPS score

Approval and funding for phase 3

Successful implementation of identity management system across three insurance brands in one portal for single view of customer.

Marketing Automation Project


Professional Services Company

Assessment of business requirements leading to tender process for a Marketing Automation platform.

Technical onboarding and upskilling of teams to enable success of project.

Full customer journey mapped to ensure opportunities for automation were realised moving to omnichannel maturity.


Reduction of operational cost in the business of 30%

Machine learning and insights helped inform Digital Marketing strategies and suppress advertising to allow for a $1.2m efficiency in Adspend

Successful onboarding of Marketing Cloud platform 

Integrated SEO/SEM campaign


International Industrial Hire Company

Industrial hire company were keen to improve their online presence across Australia and through different channels within the online space. Aim was to grow online visibility through a combined SEO and SEM strategy. 

Client required restructure of existing campaigns from Category to a more detailed level.

Use of automation and machine learning for keyword identification, bid optimisation and ad copy testing to better optimise performance and use time for more valuable creative and strategic work​


Increase of search traffic by 70% 


Online Revenue increased by 92% YOY


ROAS increased 30% to 2.8


Store visits measured doubled

Integrated SEO and Content strategy 


National online retailer of swimming pools

Online retail company were keen to improve their online experience and become an authority and become a source of truth for online users by helping them with their queries, providing tips and ideas.


Strong SEO and content strategy was implemented to enhance onsite user experience and improve visibility in search engines. 


Total traffic increase to the blog of +144% (YoY)


Organic blog traffic increased +504% (YoY)


An increase of +146% new users (YoY)


Increased engagement with visitors with pages per session +66% (YoY)

Enterprise Ecommerce strategy


 International online apparel retailer

Client required a migration to Magento V2 for all websites in the group.

Experience needed to be Omni-channel and accommodate international users with a uniformed user experience across all the websites.

Websites to be constructed with solid SEO to enhance search engine listings and organic results.


Personalisation of content, promotions and catalog


Advanced merchandising (complete the look and rule based relations)


Mobile first approach


Multi-channel gift card implementation

SEO integration at build to allow for better crawlability and search engine results

CRO experimentation & Ecommerce strategy


 National automotive repair company

The particular challenge was removing pain points and guiding the consumers during the checkout process to increase conversion rate.

Analytics data showed that consumers were confused on the checkout and were not sure of the next step.

Security seal were invisible and missing payment options causing a lack of trust for the user.

The experiment:

● Step process with incentive to continue to checkout.

● Added daily update security seal and payment options


1.7% improvement on the Checkout Cart.


44 added transactions at $575 AOV.

Added revenue of $25,300 in one month within 1 single test.

ROI +406%

Enterprise Ecommerce strategy


 National tyre company

Migration of websites to Magento V2 with applied   SEO, UX,  design, development and analytical expertise.  


The website was to be fully responsive, with seamless UX and ease of use was to be paramount, all more uniformly integrated to allow the client to measure and improve the customer experience over time.    


The site will be fully e-commerce enabled and able to accept online payments for buying and booking fittings for Tyres, Wheels or Batteries ensuring the online Tyre purchasing experience is optimised for access, speed and clarity 


Successful website migration Magento V2

Integration with fulfilment systems and POS systems as well as SalesForce Marketing Cloud for improved marketing automation

Conversion rate improved due to seamless UX

Improved search engine visibility from SEO activity



Ecommerce website created using Shopify for discounted bohemian fashion

Digital marketing across Google Shopping, Adwords, Facebook and Instagram

Optimisation of content and addition of blog to assist with SEO and organic rankings

Email marketing used to promote to customer database and produce monthly newsletters



Ecommerce website created for luxury homemade scented candles

Digital marketing across Google Shopping, Adwords, Facebook and Instagram

Optimisation of content and addition of blog to assist with SEO and organic rankings


agent digital

Personal portfolio and online resume website to bolster personal brand

Addition of blog to assist with SEO and organic rankings

Creation of Facebook and Instagram page to manage online brand and syndicated content organically

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